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Pro-Buyer Purchase Agreement
   by Ray Como   

Standard Purchase & Sale Agreement

1. BUYER:                                                                                        4. DATE: ___________________________ 

                                                                                                                                        (Date of this Agreement)

                                                                                                                    5. POSSESSION: ____________________




                                                                                                                    6. TITLE TRANSFER:_______________


3. PROPERTY:                                                                                            7. CLOSING: _______________________



8. DEED BOOK VOLUME __________ PAGE __________ (obtain from current owner’s existing deed)


   9. LOT/BLOCK ___________________________________ (obtain from current owner’s existing deed.)


10. CONVEYANCE: Seller Agrees To Transfer __________Title By _____________________________

(Legal/Equitable) (General/Special/Limited/Quit Claim Deed)


11. PRICE: $_____________________


12. SUBJECT TO: $_____________________ (Subject To = Debts + Liens + Mortgages + Taxes) Buyer agrees to take title subject all existing encumbrances recorded against the Property at time of closing. The exact balance of all encumbrances to be determined as of the 

actual day of closing.


13. EQUITY: $___________________ (Equity = Price - Subject To)


14. PAYABLE: $____________________ Per ________________ For __________________________


15. FIRST PAYMENT: The first payment is due __________days from the actual closing date.

                                                                                (30 Minimum)


16. COLLATERAL:____________________________________________________________________

shall be the sole security for the 14. Payable (above.)


17. FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL: The Payor of this note retains a first right of refusal in the event this note is ever offered for sale.


18. PREPAYMENT DISCOUNT: The Payor of this note may within _______ months from the first payment, prepay this note at a _______% discount. (12 mo/40%, 24 mo/30%, 36 mo/20%, 48 mo/10%)


19. ADVANCE PAYMENT DISCOUNT: The Payor of this note has the option to make advance payments (minimum of six months) and by doing so, these advance payments will be discounted by ___________% and paid in lieu of the total sum of the actual installment payment due for that same period. (10%-15%)


20. EXTENDED PAYMENTS: The Payor of this reserves the right to miss __________ payments per __________ without penalty. Each missed payment shall be paid in succession after the last payment has been made and will extend the last payment accordingly.


21. INSPECTION: This offer is subject to the inspection and final approval of the property by the Buyer and/or the Buyers assigns prior to the actual closing date.


22. CONSIDERATION: $___________ has been paid by the __________________ to bind this Agreement. ($1.00) (Seller/Buyer)


23. EXPIRATION: This offer will expire if not accepted prior to ______ AM/PM ____________19 ____


24. NO COST TO SELLER: The Buyer will buy the property and handle the entire transaction at no cost to the seller.


25. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: This is the entire agreement between Buyer and Seller. No other agreements between Buyer and Seller are valid unless they are in writing and have been properly executed by all parties to this Agreement.


26. ADDITIONAL PROVISIONS:    _______________________________________________________








__________________________________________ ________________________________________

Buyer Date                                                                     Witness Date

__________________________________________ ________________________________________

Buyer Date                                                                     Witness Date

__________________________________________ ________________________________________

Seller Date                                                                     Witness Date

__________________________________________ ________________________________________

Seller Date                                                                     Witness Date



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