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Address Correction Requested - DO NOT FORWARD
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Posted by: Investor ®
03/23/2003, 21:25:03

I was told if you put an Address Correction Requested message and DO NOT FORWARD on your envelop, the post office would return the envelop to you with owner's forwarding address if he has it. Is there something more to this, like you must pay for this service somehow because I live in the state of Maryland and that does not work. I tried it. I made a letter to a friend who has a forwarding address at the post office and she recieved the letter. The letter didn't come back to me nor did the Post Office mail me her forwarding address. What gives?

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Re: Address Correction Requested - DO NOT FORWARD
Scott Rister 03/23/2003, 21:45:56 690 bytes

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