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M O R E    R E S O U R C E S

Article by Jeff Beaubien

The perfect open house. How to have tenants fighting to lease purchase your house

Do you want to have tenants fighting to lease purchase your home? Sure you do! What landlord doesn't? Listen up and let me show you how to accomplish this magical feat.

Here is a list of critical things that you must do at every open house if you want to have people literally begging to lease purchase your home.

  1. A fresh baked apple pie or some chocolate chip cookies smell delicious, are a nice touch and make your home smell wonderful.

  2. Brew a pot of fresh coffee so you can offer it to your guests.

  3. Cut and trim the grass, edge the sidewalks and trim the bushes. This will help to give your home curb appeal which is absolutely essential to attracting tenant/buyers.

  4. Clean clutter from your yard, deck, driveway, garden, garage and even the street. Also clean your gutters and roof. This will also help to give your home curb appeal.

  5. Make the front entry way sparkle. Since this is where people will enter your home, the first impression they get from the front door and entry way are very important to lease purchasing your home. You may even want to put a fresh coat of paint on your front door or buy some nice plants to display.

  6. Clean the kitchen; take out the garbage, clear the countertops of clutter, clean your dirty dishes and put them away, wipe down the appliances and sweep and mop the floors.

  7. Clean the bathrooms; empty the waste baskets, clean and organize the countertops, put personal items away, scrub the toilet and the tub/shower, sweep and mop the floors and clean the mirrors.

  8. Clean the bedrooms; clear all the clutter from the floors and vacuum/sweep them, make the beds, organize the dresser drawer tops, dust the furniture, lamps, and blinds and organize the closets.

  9. Make the family and dining rooms sparkle; pick up clutter from the floors and vacuum/sweep them, dust the furniture, electronics, window blinds, and lamps, clear or organize all tables and arrange blankets and throw pillows neatly.

  10. Wash windows and any other glass around the house and straighten any pictures or wall ornaments.

  11. Light some candles to create that intimate atmosphere.

  12. Tie balloons to a yard sign or mailbox to more easily identify your home to passers by.

  13. Buy some fresh flowers and display them throughout your house, but definitely put them on your dining room or kitchen table.

  14. Turn the television off and play some classical music at a low volume.
What we are trying to create is a welcome, comfortable, hospitable feeling that will cause any person to immediately fall in love with your home. If you follow the advice given above, you should have your home lease purchased in lightning speed.
Jeff Beaubien, is the President and founder of Beaubien Investment Company in Howell, Michigan. He specializes in creative real estate techniques, but focuses on the most powerful technique of them all; the lease purchase contract.
As a result of his success in real estate, Mr. Beaubien is the author of his real estate course, The Lease Purchase Handbook.
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