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   by Matt Bowman   

  I talk to a lot of people who are trying to get started in real estate investing every day. So many of them have learned tons of information from the courses that they have purchased, but have not yet done a deal. Many of them have multiple real estate investing courses and have still not been able to get a deal signed. Many of them have been doing some marketing and are getting calls from seller, but have not been able to get deals out of these calls.

 Today, I had a meeting with a seller. (Actually a couple of meetings, but one in particular is what I'm writing about.) This seller had a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house on a lake. It was a beautiful home with lots of room and a great lake view. As we looked through the house, I noticed some slight cracks in the wall from some settling.

 Now in this particular area, this settling is quite common. The tiny cracks had been repaired and were barely visible, but since I noticed them, I thought that someone else might when I went to sell the house. All the numbers on the house were very good and would allow me to make a decent profit. The seller was EXTREMELY motivated because he was moving out of the state on MONDAY!

 Since I wasn't too sure that I wanted this place, I decided to drive a hard bargain. I usually ask for the seller to cover the next 3 payments when I do a lease option, but I usually settle for 2. This time I decided to stick to 3 months. As I discussed this with the seller and simply sat tight at that point, his wife asked if they would not have to pay the payments if we found a buyer before 3 months. My partner and I said no! We were basically telling them that even though we might have a buyer in the house making payments to us, we were not going to make the payment until the 3 months had elapsed!

 As my partner and I rode back from the meeting, we were discussing that one of the things that helped us so much in our negotiations that we see new investors lacking is confidence. I firmly believe that reason that we get so many EXCELLENT deals all the time is because we are so confident in our negotiations. I thought that the fact that I was so good in this particular negotiation was because we already have 9 properties in inventory, we could afford to be picky.

 However, I was wrong. We are always confident in our dealings with sellers because we KNOW that we are simply providing them with an answer to their problem. We KNOW that they need to sell and we do NOT need to buy! We know that we are not going to bend in order to get a deal signed. We stick by the terms that we offer because they are what make it a great deal for us. If it is too much for the seller, or they are insulted by our offer, then what are they going to do? Shoot us?

 OK, so how on earth would a brand new investor be able to be so confident in their negotiations? It's a surprisingly simple matter. All you need to do is realize that there are literally THOUSANDS of sellers that NEED to sell their house. These are people who will readily sign over their house to you on any creative deal that you offer!

 You must also realize that the deal you are offering is a good one. You are offering to solve the seller's problem. You are there to help them. Why would you come across any other way but confident???

Matt Bowman,, is a full time investor who started investing in 1997. After several attempts to get started in creative real estate investing, he found his niche in sandwich lease options.
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