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M O R E    R E S O U R C E S

Building Wealth Together

Building Wealth Together
by Charter Financial

Article by Charter Financial

Cash in on the Cash Flow Industry: The Billion Dollar industry you have never heard about

$10,000 per month. $5,000+ per deal. $20,000 or more on one deal. $100,000+ per year. Add to that working from home, being your own boss, and setting your own hours, and you have the perfect home-based business.

This growing opportunity is only available in the Cash Flow Industry. Here, you have billions of dollars worth of notes at your disposal and have exceptional earnings potential. You will need training to work in this industry, so before you embark on your new career you should take the time to learn about the business itself, the competition, industry trends, etc. You should also take the time to locate successful people in the industry so you can learn from them and pattern your future success after theirs.

We have done this last step for you. We did our research and pinpointed one of the most successful cash flow brokers in the history of the industry. He started his business in 1992 and has since turned his company into one of the largest buyers of privately held notes in the country as well as one of the nation’s premier training resources for new note brokers.

Leland von Syring, Founder and President of Charter Financial in Houston, was a successful restaurateur when he learned about the cash flow industry. Tired of working long hours and weekends, Leland searched for an opportunity that would allow him to have more quality time with his family. A friend suggested that he consider buying and selling privately held mortgages because it doesn’t require “a lot of hours” and “the commissions are excellent.”

Excited about this wonderful new opportunity, Leland thought he would give it a try and immediately researched the note business, located a couple of investors, and began marketing the business by placing a classified ad in his local newspaper. The results were amazing! He immediately located two note holders within the first two weeks and made commissions equaling $5,400 the first month (only working about two hours a week), while still running his restaurants.


The cash flow industry involves the
buying and selling of privately held
notes in secondary markets. To
simplify, if someone is receiving
payments over time from an income
stream, then chances are that a
private or institutional investor will be willing to purchase this future income stream (at a discount) in exchange for a lump sum payment now.

Here is an example: There is a
lottery winner who will be receiving
payments of $50,000 per year for the next 10 years. The broker, the
individual who locates the note
holders, takes this information and
forwards it to investors, soliciting
offers. Investors will then make offers at a discount. In this example, the best offer is $375,000. The broker
then subtracts a commission from
the amount offered by the investor, in this case, the broker decides on
$25,000 and then offers the amount
of $350,000 to the lottery winner
($375,000 minus $25,000 = $350,000). The lottery winner will
accept a discounted offer because he prefers to have the money now rather than over the next 10 years.

Realizing that he had stumbled upon something with great potential, he quickly began placing more ads in different newspapers around his area, sought out new note buyers, and began the transition to sell his restaurants. Within 9 months from starting his note brokering business, Leland sold his restaurants and began working in the note business full time.

Driven by his entrepreneurial spirit, he wanted to expand his company and increase his earnings. He began advertising for notes in papers across the country and expanded his business to include the purchasing of structured court settlements, lottery winnings, and business notes. He also secured lines of credit to purchase the notes on his own. Business was doing so well that he had to hire a couple of assistants to help with the processing of his transactions.

Soon after he began his new business, he attended his first note convention and came away with a clear vision of where he wanted his company to be and how he wanted to get there. He wanted to grow
into the nation’s largest buyer of privately held notes. The only way he could accomplish this was to incorporate brokers into his company. At that time, the industry was just starting out and there
were only a few individuals teaching the business. These individuals charged thousands of dollars for seminars and home study courses and most people couldn’t afford to spend that kind of money to learn the business. Leland knew there was a better way.

Having worked the business for several years, Leland had acquired great knowledge about the industry and decided that he would write his own training manual and recruit his own brokers. He gave much thought to writing the manual, wanting to make it easy to read, understand, and implement while at the
same time including all of the information a starting broker would need in order to be successful. Based on his desire to help as many individuals as possible reach their goals and to help his company reach its
goals, he named the new program, “Building Wealth Together”.

Setting up a corporate structure that would create a win-win relationship for both the broker and Charter Financial was of the utmost importance to Leland. This structure would be set up so that the
broker would want to work with his company and would have every opportunity to succeed. The new structure included setting up a valuable broker support “hotline” staffed with experienced note brokers. He also staffed the company with experienced “Contract Buyers” who would work with the brokers by quoting their deals and helping process them.

Reluctantly, Leland also knew he would have to charge for the manual because of the costs involved in locating new brokers, setting up the support personnel, and printing the manuals. At the same time, he wanted the brokers to have a real incentive for joining his program. Therefore, he decided to refund the cost of the course to his new associates upon completion of their first transaction. This bonus was to be in addition to their commission. This way he could literally offer his program at no cost to new associates and at the same time, create a sense of loyalty from the new brokers. He took this a step further by adding incentives for his new brokers on their second and third transactions too, so they could use this bonus money to expand their businesses, if they chose to, just as he had done.

Offering superior support reached a new level when he developed the CHARTER FINANCIAL ADVANTAGE™. This excellent program allows a new broker the opportunity to have Charter Financial
complete a transaction for him, once his client has agreed to an offer. This means that a new broker can focus on locating note holders and sellers, while Charter processes the transactions for him, at no cost. This service is free to all Charter associates and is priceless!

With the manual complete and the support staff in place, Leland von Syring and Charter Financial began promoting the “Building Wealth Together” program in 1999. The program was an instant success, and since that time, Charter Financial has experienced phenomenal growth. Today, the organization that once started with one individual and a dream, now consist of offices in 5 states with over 30 employees consisting of broker support, contract buyers, marketing and office personnel.

Leland attributes this astounding growth to the relationships that Charter has built with their brokers. He states: “Nothing gives me more satisfaction than hearing the success stories of our associates; it is a
great feeling to help people change their lives.” One such story comes from, John Young in Mississippi who writes:

“I finally ordered your program after much thought and my biggest mistake was waiting so long to do so. After reviewing the materials I placed a $15 per week ad in a weekly publication here in Mississippi and from just that one ad, I have made over $5,100. I probably have not spent 3 hours total making this money. I was really impressed with the way Charter refunded my initial start up cost on my first deal, and paid me the bonuses for my second and third deals. I am currently getting ready to expand my advertising and close the other business that I run to devote my full time to this. I haven’t had time to even try the other marketing ideas outlined in Charter’s materials. This has to be the best home-based business offer there is. Again, thank you for the opportunity to become completely independent from the 8 to 5 rat race.”
(Testimonials on file in home office)

Leland goes on to state that he feels very proud when he receives complements from brokers on the excellent support they have received from his staff. “I have personally handpicked each member that
works on the support level. Charter has recruited some of the most successful brokers in the industry to come work as part of our successful support staff.” He states further, “When you call in for assistance, you are speaking to someone who has been successful in the industry and knows how to assist you.”

When asked what distinguishes his company from all the other companies in the note industry as well as other business opportunities, he stated, “We are a really unique company in that we recruit our own brokers so that we can train them ourselves and build good relationships with them. We only make money when our associates make money so we are very motivated to help them reach their goals, so that we can reach ours. This is the basic philosophy that has helped us grow the business.” He also goes on to say, “The average commission per transaction is around $2,300. This allows brokers the opportunity to start out on a part-time basis then decide for themselves if they want to do this full-time.”

If you are looking for a new business opportunity that you can operate from your home, and that offers excellent income potential, then you should consider Charter Financial’s “Building Wealth Together” program. As evidenced by the outstanding Better Business Record, you know it is a company that you
can trust. When you join, you will be working with the Industry leader!

Working from home, being your own boss, and setting your own hours - you have the perfect home based business. You may learn more about this wonderful opportunity by visiting Charter Financial's website at or by calling 888-539-3707 for a free information booklet.


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