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Build the World's Most Successful Sales Organization
   by Ray Como   

Imagine what you'd do if you set a goal to build the World's Most Successful Sales Organization.

First, take a lesson from IBM, the World's Most successful Marketing Organization. At IBM everybody sells! It's a customer-driven, market-driven organization where "everybody thinks selling." With that, let's begin.

FREE Publicity: Publicity epitomizes leverage. Begin with a publicity program revolving around your activities, achievements, new personnel and techniques you've developed and are using successfully.

Send out a press release for everything that happens inside your sphere of influence whether you have one office or fifty offices. Make sure you do it systematically. Bojsen International, a one year old import/export firm founded by my sister Tamara and her husband Thomas Bojsen just mailed press releases regarding their new product, ICEBLOW.

ICEBLOW Thaws Frozen Locks With Only Human Breath

That headline followed by a 150 word description and a line drawing of the product was sent to 150 newspapers. So far, they've gotten calls from UPI, AP, The Cincinnati Enquirer, The New York Post, USA Today and The Chicago Tribune. An editorially slanted piece was published for them Free in these and fifteen other newspapers.

We've estimated that this $75 effort will be worth at least $11,250 in printed advertising. So far the orders have begun to pour in. As I edit this article, my sister is taking a $500 order over the phone. No kidding, and the buyer hasn't even seen the product. That's because the newspaper editor endorsed it. Now don't you think you

should learn—

Trade Secrets of Writing a Good Press Release?

A good press release answers these questions in the first paragraph: Who? What? When? Where? Why? It has no "fluff' or fancy copy writing - only facts. It is written with The Law of Decreasing Importance. That means you put the most important stuff first because some editors are so busy they won't read past the headline let alone the first paragraph.

You should mail your releases with a brief cover letter addressed to the proper special interest editor. You should follow your release with a phone call to get their feeling; ask for a "tear sheet" and set the stage for your next release. Follow the published article with a short hand written thank you note to the editor.

All this could be done with a new Nevada corporation called Warbucks Public Relations. Your domestic corporation contracts with them to produce and distribute PR for a fee. Get the idea?

Get Published: You should write articles and get them published. It's not hard. It's precisely what I do with "The Como Strategy" articles I write for The Inc. News. I've done the same thing for many other entrepreneurial publications for the last seven years. Call your trade journals and trade papers, newsletters or even your local newspapers and business publications. Ask. This will give you instant credibility through the "implied endorsement" of the publication...and even more free publicity.

The copyright owner of these articles will be Warbucks Publishing Corporation of Nevada. Your domestic corporation will pay a royalty to Warbucks every time one of those articles gets published. If you don't know it, that's why Michael Jackson gets a royalty every time a Beatles song gets played on the radio or is used in a NIKE commercial.

Get Famous? Yes. Unless you are paranoid about the consequences of Fame. Get on radio and TV talk shows. I have gotten on both a number of times. It usually takes one phone call. These media literally devour information twenty-four hours a day. Consequently, TV and radio show hosts are always looking for an interesting subject to talk about. Why not you or your company?

Get on radio and TV regularly: You might consider developing a concept for your own late night talk show. Sell the idea to some radio or TV station and you'll instantly become the recognized authority in your field. That'll equate to lots of publicity and free advertising via your show.

Newspapers: You should sit down and plan an entire year of strategic, aggressive marketing warfare. Plan and budget a full year of newspaper ads. Then painstakingly test them to find the most productive as well as economical. Brainstorm and conceptualize different objectives for your ads. Use them to generate leads, build your database and sell. Then constantly work to improve and beat your best.

Who will place these ads and get the 15% ad agency fee? Warbucks Advertising Corporation, who else?

Use direct mail: Send regularly scheduled direct mail letters to your target market. Communicate with them at least once a month. A newsletter works the best and is read the most. Ask for business. Ask for referrals. Give referrals. Trade clients. Joint venture transactions. Ask for testimonials and reference letters. A testimonial letter from a happy customer/client is more powerful than all the superlatives a professional copywriter could invent on her best day.

Go to seminars: Learn how to write copy that persuades and motivates people to action. Here are some ideas: Always translate product and service features into benefits important to your customers and clients. Learn how to write powerful headlines and sales letters. The best way to learn how to write is to write; the next best way is to read. Write fast and edit slowly. "You learn to play the flute by playing the flute." Can you see now that it is literally imperative that you learn—

How To Write and Design Sales Literature

Always improve: You should always work to generate more and more business from your existing promotional materials. You should never change something that is working but you should always test against your best. Your best is called your "control."

Test: Run A/B tests to find out which headline, body copy, photo and P.S. works best. You could even use and an A/B split to find out which SENTENCE or even WORD works best. An A/B split test is where you test one single variable against your control.

The copyright owner and the recipient of income from your direct mail operation should be...Warbucks Publishing Corporation, remember?

Your Secret Weapon: Dollar for dollar telephone marketing gives you the best chance for success. It took us four years and 17,453 calls to develop our now famous Real Estate Telephone Script. Here's the real power and trade secret: The methodology of that script is such that their response to our properly phrased and strategically scripted questions cannot be answered wrong.

Performance: Give everybody including (no especially) yourself reasons to perform at higher and higher levels. Ask everybody for new ideas to capture the lucrative referral market. Always ask for referrals. I don't care if you own a food store, a computer company or a real estate firm. Make referral prospecting mandatory. Make it a part of your "closing" process.

Start Recognition Programs. Reward those who come up with ideas for promoting your company. Have contests. Give bonuses. (Idea: Send out a press release about the winner.) Give your colleagues a reason to THINK, EVOLVE and GROW WITH YOU. [I hope you see that that's PRECISELY what I am doing with you, me and these "strategy" articles.]

Training: Train to be the best. Teach your people that everybody sells. The legendary billionaire H. Ross Perot built a company called EDS. It's an acronym for Electronic Data Systems, a "facilities management firm specializing in data processing. When you go to work for EDS they train you to a point where you are among the top people in the systems engineering field. Once the training is complete you can name your price and job in that field.

You're taught to literally thrive on challenges. The reward? It's estimated that Ross Perot made an inordinate $20,000 an hour during in the building years at EDS. Then in 1984 he sold the company to General Motors for $2.5 billion dollars!

Close Sales: Quantify and distill the components of "your perfect sale." Experiment, then create a complete "methodology" for filling out the agreements you use to close sales. Examine everything. Plan every detail, then replicate it. Do it systematically, uniformly and consistently. Train like commandos. Soon your people will internalize it and it will become automatic. That's your goal.

You are a Genius: Study and learn powerful, new hypnotic selling matching, leading and pacing your customer, client, competitor. Everybody. Act the way they act. Sit the way they sit. Talk the way they talk. Use their words, mannerisms and expressions. What I'm talking about here is a new (less than 15 years old) technology I'm learning. It's called Neuro Linguistic Programming. The acronym is NLP and it's defined as the study of the effect of language both verbal and nonverbal on the human nervous system.

© MMI By Ray Como. All Rights Reserved

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Ray Como has created, produced, copyrighted and self-published 15 audio cassette programs and lots of other forms and tools for business, real estate, corporations, selling, marketing, finance, management and Entrepreneurship.
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