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Start Your Publishing Empire In Nevada Then - License Your Intangible Assets
   by Ray Como   

You Will Easily Reduce or Eliminate Your State Tax

Every company of any substance has tangible assets. Assets like cash, real estate, computers, copiers, FAX machines and furniture. By tangible I mean hard assets you can touch.

Now let me take you into a totally different world. A world of assets you cannot touch. Copyrights. Trademarks. Customer Lists. Sales…Closing…Promotional techniques. Telephone Scripts. Advertising Concepts. The list goes on. These are "intangible assets." By intangible I mean you can't touch them, in the literal sense.

What do all-of-the-above have in common? They are all proprietary. By proprietary I mean, if you created them, you own the right to use them. You own the right to sell them. You own the right to license them.

If you think I'm exaggerating here, about the value of these kinds of assets, consider these interesting facts: The Elvis Presley Estate which owns the rights to the name Elvis Presley earns $15,000,000 a year. The T.S. Elliot Estate which own many of his copyrighted works earns $8,000,000 a year. The Jimi Hendrix Estate earns $5,000,000 a year. The Jim Morrison Estate earns $3,000,000 a year.

It is estimated that George Lucas' "intangible" rights to the Star Wars logos and trademarks is worth over $500,000,000 (That’s five hundred Million!) Forget about fair market values and estimates of worth. I'm sure you know that Michael Jackson paid upwards of $200,000,000 for the copyrights to many of the Beatles musical works.

The staggering thing is that except for George Lucas and Michael Jackson, all these people have been dead for anywhere from fifteen to seventy five years! I'll bet their heirs salute their picture as it hangs placidly above the mantle. I could go on but I think you get my point.

Let me show you how to transfer your intangible assets and even more of your income to TAX FREE Nevada.

Step #1. Form a Nevada corporation domiciled in Nevada. Remember the Warbucks/Red, Inc. Strategy? Good. For ease in understanding, let's call your new Nevada corporation "Warbucks Publishing Corporation."

Step #2. Capitalize Warbucks Publishing Corporation by contributing your "Intangible Property." (Not a taxable event.) Do this by first creating a resolution then assigning the copyrights in exchange for stock in Warbucks. Now Warbucks Publishing Corporation owns the rights to these assets, n’est-ce pas?.

Step #3. Warbucks Publishing Corporation copyrights every literary work you create. Including flyers, brochures, sales letters, sales presentations and audio/video recordings. And from now on, Warbucks Publishing corporation will own your mailing lists and subsequently collect all your list rental royalties.

Step #4. Make a contractual, arms length licensing agreement between your home state corporation and Warbucks Publishing Corporation. Now every time you want to re-mail one of your successful sales letters you'll pay a royalty to Warbucks Publishing Corporation.

Every time you reprint one of your company brochures, Warbucks gets a fee—And, when you want to use the customer list you previously owned, Warbucks gets a list rental fee of $100 a thousand for a one-time usage. Why $100 a thousand? And why "a one-time usage?" Because that's the market rate for the one-time rental of quality mailing lists.

Remember, keep all this arms length. Make sure it has economic feasibility. Communicate with Warbucks just like you would communicate any company with which you do business. When you do, you will easily transfer a big chunk of your corporate income to Nevada where there is no state corporate income tax. Wow!

My claim to fame in the business of selling information through seminars, speaking, writing or recording is that I never write about or record anything that I haven't done.

I copyright every copyright-able word, work, concept, campaign, ad...whatever, that I create, write or record. It only cost $20 and it's so easy it's stupid not to. If you don't know the procedure fax or email me and I will send you a TX Form from the US copyright office to get you started. If $20 is too much money, you can insert your literary work into an envelope and mail in to yourself, certified mail, return receipt requested. Sign for it, then put the envelope in a file unopened. This technique will be proof (and will stand up in court) that you created the work and the date it was first created.

In December of 1978 I graduated from West Virginia University with a degree in Civil Engineering. On July 20, 1979 I bought my first house. Since that time I have: been involved in countless real estate and mortgage transactions; presented over 550 public speeches; taught 155 two day seminars and completed 28 Real Estate Boot Camps. At Boot Camp we logged: over 30,000 phone calls; set over 800 appointments and signed up 245 deals for a total of $15,100,100 worth of business.

I created and produced eight audio cassette programs and lots of other forms and tools for business, real estate, corporations, selling and marketing. I have published: eighteen 2,000 word issues of Raymond Como’s Financial Almanac; sixty 2,000 word CONTRARIANT Letters and twenty Four 2,000 word issues of Your MasterMind. I have written over 300 articles for the top entrepreneurial publications in the country. I have printed and mailed 2,000,000 direct mail letters creating over $1 million in sales. All copyrighted. I had a $600,000 net worth by the time I was 25. I earned $2,000,000 by the time I was thirty—but, there is a fly in the ointment.

Thrice I lost every penny I ever earned. But each time, I still owned all, meaning every single intangible asset I have ever created. I started over from scratch three times with nothing but what was between my ears; an incurable desire to get up one more time and always my intellectual property. I can remember wishing: If I could just start over with nothing but my brain…" (Watch what you wish for!)

Now for two real life adventures:

I created a wildly successful restaurant/bar promotion called THE GRAND PRIZE PARTY. We drew 349 people; they stood wall-to-wall all night. We served 125 dinners. We booked nine other parties that night. People drank liquor steady from 7:00 PM to 2:00 AM. Every waitress and bartender made over $100 in tips. An associate sold $11,113 worth of 14 karat gold.

So what did I do? I created and copyrighted a seventeen (17) page kit. A GRAND PRIZE PARTY PROMO KIT complete with instructions, results, profit figures, actual copy, prices and every single step it took to pull it off. Profit in licensing the kit? You will be amazed. The hard cost to reproduce that kit is less than $2.00. I license the kit for $500.

Next. I created (along with lots of other ideas) a direct mail letter for promoting a chiropractic practice. We mailed over 80,000 letters for my chiropractic client. The letters worked like gangbusters.

We parted ways...

Then my ex-client made a bad mistake. He reprinted and mailed my copyrighted letter without my permission. I know because I am on his mailing list along with a few decoy aliases (Get the strategy?)

I mailed him a letter, certified mail , return receipt requested, restricted delivery. (BTW, restricted delivery means only he can sign for it.) I explained in no uncertain terms that what he did was plagiarism, copyright infringement and theft. I also assured him that if he didn't reconcile with me, I would sue him as well as mail my letter to his patient list (See, I was also his database manager.) I explained that all the proof I need is my copyright certificate from the Federal Copyright Office and his letter, postmarked in the envelope.

I had both.

Within an hour after he signed for the letter, I delivered my executed PERMISSION TO USE COPYRIGHT to his office and picked my check for $1,000. Then I made $1,000 for every time he mailed my letter. Get the idea?

So you see, you don't have to be Elvis Presley or George Lucas to benefit from this. And you don't have to re-invent the wheel or set precedent when you do this through your new Warbucks Publishing Corporation.

It happens every day.

By the way, all this brilliance is why I am having a portrait painted of myself…so my kids will have something to salute after I die!

Question: Look below. Why do I always use Roman Numerals in my copyrights?

© MCMXCVI By WWV, Inc. All Rights Reserved

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Ray Como has created, produced, copyrighted and self-published 15 audio cassette programs and lots of other forms and tools for business, real estate, corporations, selling, marketing, finance, management and Entrepreneurship.
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