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A Five Thousand Dollar Christmas Present
   by Chuck and Sue DeFiore   

  On December 18, we contacted a homeowner with a problem. The homeowner had been trying to move his house for over eight months. They had been with a Realtor for six months, however, they had only spoken to the Realtor twice. Once when they signed the listing agreement and again one week before the listing ran out. Can you believe the nerve of the Realtor, he did not show the house once in six months and wanted to know if the homeowner wanted to re-sign with him.

  The unfortunate homeowner then tried to sell it himself for two months with no luck. By this time he was getting very desperate. His new home was finished, the old place was vacant and he was making double payments. Folks, this was a homeowner with a problem in capital letters.

  We explained how we could solve his problem using the Lease Purchase Advantage. Mind you, we're not talking a slum house here. This place was awesome; four bedrooms plus loft area, three baths, 2400 square feet, upgrades, pool, spa and gazebo, and a decent amount of land. This house was in a very desirable area of town and less than five years old.

  Well, I guess we were convincing, because he faxed back our contract the night of the 18th. Keep in mind, we were very up front with the homeowner. We told him that in all likelihood, nothing would happen until January.

  We started utilizing our unique marketing methods immediately. We ran one of our special rent to own ads. These ads are designed to elicit a quick response. Always give good to exceptional value and you'll have more calls then you can handle. However, since this was the holiday season, the telephone didn't quite ring off the hook. We did receive enough qualified callers to be encouraged.

  Then we got lucky. The first couple to look at the house on December 22nd loved it. We did the credit check on them (always do a credit check) and signed over the paperwork on December 24.

  The homeowner was astounded. We had solved his problem in six days, and gotten him some positive cash flow also. We were heroes to him.

  We weren't really heroes, what we did can be done by anyone with the proper training in the unique niche of Lease Purchasing. Lease Purchasing allows you to control good property in good areas without the hassles of mortgages, taxes and maintenance.

  We utilized a co-operative strategy for this property. A co-operative agreement is one where the homeowner wants some say as to who goes into his home. This is just one of many strategies available to us as Lease Purchase consultants.

  For six days of our time, we made a five thousand dollar assignment fee for this property. Not a bad hourly rate was it?

Copyright DeFiore Enterprises 2000

Interested in having your own successful, home based creative real estate investing business? Chuck and Sue have been helping folks start successful home based businesses for over 17 years, and we can help you too! To see how, visit for the latest FREE tips and tricks, educational products and coaching in creative real estate investing and home based businesses.
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