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Play It Again, Chuck and Sue
   by Chuck and Sue DeFiore   

  This was an owner we had done a lease purchase for early on. We came home one day to a message on our machine that she had another property to lease purchase. She left the address and particulars. Since we had worked with this owner before, we went by the property and then mailed the paperwork to her. You can do this if you have worked with an owner and got along well. We did with this owner. In fact, we wish all sellers were like her. Of course, she wants money, don't we all, but she was realistic and very easy to work with.

  The home was a 3 bd, 2-1/2 ba, 1600 sq. ft home, beautiful inside, curb appeal was good, and, it was in an area of Las Vegas that everyone wants to reside in and it was vacant.

  We ran our ads. Within two weeks, we had a tenant/buyer for the property. The tenant/buyer and his wife ran their own business and worked part time. While filling out the application/credit check, and giving us a deposit, he asks (first time this ever happened to us), how does he know we are working with the owner, and not going to take his money and never see us again. Well, we gave him the seller's name and number, and told him to check the county records. As we have said on numerous occasions only in Las Vegas.

  In any case, all worked out well. We did a cooperative, so the owner got her money, and we got ours. In addition, we got the seller $250 per month in positive cash flow. We made $3500 and the owner $2500. Not bad for two weeks.

Copyright DeFiore Enterprises 2000

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