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How To Earn $2,500 In Two Hours
   by Chuck and Sue DeFiore   

  If all deals were this easy, everybody and we mean everybody would be trying to earn a living in creative real estate. This transaction literally took two hours from start to finish. Only through the specialized niche of Lease Purchasing can you earn this type of living while having so much fun.

  This was a seller who needed to move because of health problems. As such, they had to have some up front money. We met with them for about an hour. While there, we suggested that we just consult with them as this would give them more money than if we did a co-operative split. They were reluctant, even though we told them that they didn't need us in the middle of the deal.

  Consulting is when we show a homeowner how to put together a lease purchase deal, provide the proper forms, contracts and marketing methods. We were taught and have learned that not every seller wants Chuck and Sue in the middle of the deal. Consulting is a wonderful way to increase our cash flow and business in certain situations. We consult with sellers all over the country.

  Getting back to this deal, the house was a former award winning model. This place could have moved itself. It was spectacular. This is why we said these folks could do it themselves. We knew this would go quickly. Even we didn't guess just how quickly.

  We ran one of our special ads. These ads are designed to draw a quick response. As it turned out, the first call we received was from a nice, young couple with children. We gave them the directions to the house with instructions to do a drive by. If they liked the outside, arrangements would be made for them to see the inside.

  Since this house was about a 40 minute drive one-way for us, we had arranged with the homeowner for them to show the inside. You can do this if you're comfortable that the seller will not try to cut a deal behind your back. We weren't worried about that in this case.

  In doing the drive by, this couple had stopped in front of the house to admire it. As is happened the seller came out, saw them and invited them in to see the rest of the house. They liked it so much, they called us while they were looking at it.

  We agreed to meet the following day to fill out the paperwork. We received a substantial deposit, with the balance due one week before they moved in.

  The homeowner was thrilled that their problem was solved. They have since referred two of their friends to us. That's one of the nice aspects of Lease Purchasing as a business, you not only get to earn a good living, but you get to help homeowners with problems and tenant/buyers build dreams. If you provide good value to the various parties to the transaction, you can end up with more referrals then you can handle.

  Now we are the first to admit, we got lucky with this one. It's not everyday that you move a property with only two hours of your time invested. However, we were not about to turn down the $2500 we earned from the assignment fee. We'll take $1250 an hour any day.

Copyright DeFiore Enterprises 2000

Interested in having your own successful, home based creative real estate investing business? Chuck and Sue have been helping folks start successful home based businesses for over 17 years, and we can help you too! To see how, visit for the latest FREE tips and tricks, educational products and coaching in creative real estate investing and home based businesses.
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