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M O R E    R E S O U R C E S

Article by Don DeRosa
Short Sales are Perfect for Homeowners and Welcomed by Second Mortgage Lenders. The Best Part? You Make a Killing

  A few years ago I was working hard at buying and selling real estate, buying and holding, buying and leasing back, and everything else being taught. I bought every course I could find, and went to every seminar that came to town.

  Those programs all work, to one degree or another, but equity on paper doesn't pay the bills. I owned lots of real estate, but there just wasn't enough cash flow. My goal was to have enough real estate that I could put $10,000 a month in my pocket free and clear, and it still is. But I need an income while I am creating that cash flow, so when I learned about short sales I knew I found the answer I was looking for.

  When I discovered short-selling of second mortgages I knew I could make a fortune in a very short time with very little money.

  What is a short sale?
  A short sale is when a lender will accept less than what is owed on the property to satisfy the note and release the lien.

  What is a discount?
  A discount is when the lender will assign the note to a new holder for less than the principal balance. The new note holder still has the full value of the note as a lien against the property.

  What is the difference?   In a short sale, the note is satisfied and the lien is released. In a discount, the note is still in place at the full value and the lien remains.

  I have a formula that enables anyone to make $40,000 to $100,000 or more per month, and repeat that month after month on just one or two short sales each month. The best part is that my formula is duplicatable. I follow the same formula over and over again to make an absolute minimum of $40,000 a month. You can easily copy what I do.

  Latest Short Sale - $135,000 Free and Clear Profit
  I just bought a house that had a $141,000 first mortgage and a $179,000 second for a total of $320,000 in loans. The house was only appraised for $300,000. The owner was in trouble and foreclosure was only days away.

  The lender on the second knew it was over-leveraged and was motivated to short sell. They took just $26,000 for the second. I took over the first and brought it current. I then sold the house for a net profit of over $100,000 in my pocket at closing.

  Now, that's just the basics of what I did. Knowing the right things to say and do will bring you the same kind of success. Everything I do can be duplicated by anyone over and over, month after month.

  In fact, if you purchase two houses a month with my techniques, I guarantee you'll make at least a minimum of $20,000 average per house. That's $40,000 per month free and clear in your pocket.

  Monthly short sales can bring you
  • LARGE paydays
  • LESS risk
  • LESS demand on your time
  • LESS competition
  • MORE fun
  • GREATER satisfaction helping others

  Why Lenders are Happy to do a Short Sale
  Second mortgage lenders are not in a good position when a foreclosure is imminent. They are the junior lien holder, and in a foreclosure sale they are in danger of a total loss. Usually there are additional considerations that make the lender anxious to accept a short sale as well, such as the property needs repairs, it may also be in a bad area where sales are low, and lenders hate to own real estate.

  When a lender takes a property there is no income being generated from a defaulted note, and there are a multitude of headaches they just do not want to deal with. Many lenders will agree to a short sale rather than deal with the cost, expense, and loss caused by a default. The easy route for the lender is to cut their losses and move on.

  Why the Homeowner Wants a Short Sale
  Homeowners are thrilled when an investor contacts them and offers to help them avoid foreclosure using a short sale. When a homeowner is in a financial bind and is four or more mortgage payments behind, foreclosure is just around the corner.

  The homeowner has explored the possibilities and learned that the house has no equity. Usually it is over-leveraged, needs many repairs, may already have liens and judgments, and selling it is next to impossible.

  A short sale will enable the homeowner to eliminate the mortgage debts without the cost and expense of repairs to get out from under the house. It also helps the homeowner avoid the negative effect of a foreclosure on his credit report.

  How a Short Sale Benefits You the Investor
  I do not know a better way to create large amounts of equity with a small amount of cash than through short sales of second mortgages in real estate. You will be dealing with highly motivated sellers, lenders who see you as a great solution, and you will have very limited competition.

  There are five easy steps to short-sell mortgages.
  1. Find the property
  2. Work with the seller
  3. Work with the lender
  4. Renovate the property
  5. Sell and collect your profit

  Get Ready for Large Paydays!

  Very, very few investors have picked up on this tremendous opportunity, and if they have they are making many mistakes that you can avoid with my course and my personal help.

  Short-selling will bring you large paydays, less money out of your pocket, and less time to turn a profit on each property. This is an ideal situation for all parties.

Don DeRosa provides a 434 page workbook, 10 audio CDs, and two bonus CDs containing forms you need to be a success. "Making a Fortune Short-Selling Second Mortgages". Visit on the internet or contact him at 770-475-1584.
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