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Beware False Profits(Prophets)
   by Claude Diamond   

 Gurus, Coaches, Mentors everywhere most of them do not care. If they did you would know, but most of them just want your dough. After you've paid and you call to talk to them that day, "Hello, please hold" is all they say! Speak to my assistant in Salt Lake City, He once did a deal in 1960!

 I know, I know the poetry is awful, but the prose aside there seems to be an abundance of false profits (prophets) around singing the praises of Coaching & Mentoring.

 I am writing this article on the plane (First Class of course, thank you Continental mileage points) drinking my coffee and reflecting on the past few days. I have just given the keynote address for the ICF (The International Coach/Mentor Federation) where I had the pleasure of addressing over 700 dedicated specialists from around the world. The theme of the convention was 'Connecting'. I spoke on how I have connected with my clients over the years by Mentoring them personally One-on-One only in my specialty areas of Lease Purchasing, Personal Achievement and Wealth Creation.

 Mentoring, to me, is the ONLY time honored way to teach a willing and appreciative student. The principle of Mentoring, however, is based on learning from the true master* not his hourly assistant or some arbitrary sales office.

 What is being sold by so many well known Gurus lately, however, bears no resemblance to the definition I just gave. As a matter of fact, it's not Mentoring at all. It's not even remotely close to a true Mentoring experience. I would liken it to the teaching of an intern during his first surgery with a connect-the-dots coloring book (Crayolas(TM) Optional) sent via a fax machine.

 Believe me, I know what Mentoring is. I am the direct result of a Mentor relationship. The only reason I did well in my chosen area of real estate, Lease Purchasing, is because I had a Mentor in my life. He worked with me One-on-One and would never consider passing me off to some kind of a commercial operation. He cared and worked with me because he wanted me to have the same success that he had achieved.

 There seems to be an abundance of the so called Boiler Rooms (telephone rooms) lately with the staffs singing new songs about the glories of Mentoring. The problem, however, is that the Guru whose name they're singing the praises of isn't available; seems odd doesn't it ? Matter of fact, he will probably never even speak with you. You see, they hire some ex-students who may have done a couple of deals, who set up their own program or who utilize an independent sales operation.

 It's really just smoke and mirrors folks. If you want the accelerated growth that can be accomplished by a true teacher here are a few ideas that will enable you to make a prudent decision. Use this list when interviewing for a Mentoring/Coaching Program.

 1. Don't give your money to any high profile Guru's program unless you can speak directly with the Guru. If these people want your money then you should be able to speak with them directly. Many programs are just using the title of Mentor/Coach, but this is far from the truth.

 * Read The Richest Man in Babylon.

2. Beware of the phony boiler rooms and independent sales companies that call your number unsolicited. They are working for the Guru on a commission. This is not Mentoring nor is it Coaching.

 3. Always check references. Don't fall for the 'protect the privacy' nonsense line that you always hear. For Example: "Gee, Mr. Smith, we would love to provide you with references, but you know we have to protect the privacy of our clients." This is first class absurdity! Anyone who has a truly successful program loves to give references. Successful clients are your best salespeople!

 4. Check even more references. Does the Coach and Mentor belong to any professional or business organizations such as the Better Business Bureau or the local Chamber of Commerce? While you may not endorse these organizations the fact is a 'faux Mentor' would not take the time and trouble to belong to these organizations.

 5. If you get 'the assistant will help you' line then you know you are speaking with an hourly or commissioned employee. Why would anyone who is knowledgeable in Wealth Creation in Real Estate want to work for someone else for meager wages when they could be doing their own deals? It doesn't seem to make much sense does it? I think you can figure out the rest.

 6. Make sure your Mentor isn't driving a used Yugo. I know this sounds pretentious, but why would a wealthy person drive an old used pickup truck if he can afford better?

 7. Stay away from the slick salesmen who have no interest in your success, just your credit card number.

 8. When was the last time your Guru did a deal? If he is traveling, selling seminars, books and tapes he may not have the time for you.

 9. Is he still talking about the good of days or is he willing to change with the times? Is he still telling you to go to the courthouse steps or chase foreclosures? That stuff is so old my Grandmother laughs at it. Control without ownership is the way to go.

 10. See if you have a meeting of the minds and the wallet.  

 11. Realize that expensive books and tapes are not enough.

 In conclusion: Only work with a teacher who is successful in his or her own right, who you can speak directly with when needed and who returns all calls. If you can't reach him before the training, what makes you think it will be different once you've given him your hard earned money!

Diamond Consulting Group
Success, One Person at a Time !
Claude W. Diamond J.D.
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