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Learn How to Wholesale Houses with Jason Dillard

Learn How to Wholesale Houses
with Jason Dillard

Article by Jason Dillard

You Have To Shoot To Score

  It was his night. Every time he touched the ball, it was like he was in a dream. The rim seemed to grow bigger. His muscle memory had taken over, and every shot he took went in. He could be falling away or leaning left or right, and he knew just how to compensate. After he made the first five shots in the first five minutes, the other team started guarding him more closely.

  However, he was able to come off picks and make 5 more shots in the rest the half. He was 10 for 10 in the first half. He had hit 10 in a row in the basketball goal that his father put up on the side of his house before, but never in a real game. He was in a daze as he ran into the locker room. Soon his excitement was quashed. Coach was irate, "You had another 10 chances to shoot and you passed the ball!" Coach was all over the locker room, pacing and yelling. "If you had worked a little harder coming off the picks your teammates were setting, you had another 10 chances to shoot!!"

  As he came out of the locker room for the second half, the crowd was chanting his name. He did not let it give him the big head. The result the coach wanted had already taken effect. He knew how he had failed in the first half. Yes, he had fallen short. His Dad was right behind the bench, "Great job in the first half." There was excitement in the eyes of the father. "You went 10 for 10, son!" He looked at his Dad, and he said, "I know what I did wrong." His father just stared back confused. "I did not shoot enough." Then he ran on the court.

  He is every investor. We all aren't shooting enough. In our business we will never be 10 for 10. Our numbers are 1 for 10 or even 20. Coach is the experienced mentor that keeps telling you to just make more offers. It is just numbers. We have to make enough offers to get a few accepted. Our failure is when we are not making enough of them, not when one gets rejected. If I can succeed once a week, I am becoming very wealthy. The 15 or 20 failures just come along with the game.

  He is every investor. He had to learn how to shoot in the beginning. You have to shoot to score. You have to know how to shoot in order to shoot. If you are not involved in local REIA club, then who is your coach? Do you have a mentor? Are you throwing up shots left handed wondering why they are not going in? Go to a seminar and learn to shoot with your elbow in and your feet shoulder width apart for more balance. Increase your knowledge and it will increase the balance in your bank account.

  He is every investor. He had to shoot more at first to make one shot. The more he practiced in the driveway, the better his numbers became. You can make your numbers better too. Take what you have learned and actually put it into practice. The biggest reason for failure is inaction.

  He is every investor. Do not go “10 for 10” and forget the little things that will continue to grow your income. The answer to "What happened to the income this month?" is almost always: "Not enough offers made last month." Don't celebrate your success for too long. Celebration may keep you from making the same number of offers you had to make to get you where you are. When your spouse sees the money in the bank and says, "We've gone 10 for 10!" you can say, "I know what I did wrong……………I did not shoot enough."
Jason Dillard is an active investor in Greenville, SC. Jason started his real estate career taking many more risks that he does today. He bought houses using bank notes and was only a landlord. Now he uses several methods to buy houses. Today, along with his investing in real estate, Jason is teaching investors to do what he does. You have the ability to tap into Jason's knowledge wholesaling through an interactive product, Learn How to Wholesale Houses with Jason Dillard.
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