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Quick Start Success Pack by Bill Gatten

Quick Start Success Pack
by Bill Gatten

Article by Bill J. Gatten

Big Fat 'Lies' To Tell So You Can Have Your Way In The Creative Real Estate Business

  Have you ever ridden a roller coaster? Did you ever stop to think why someone would do that just for the thrill of it, but they wouldn't want to ride in a rattling little jalopy going the same speed on a winding mountain road of the same track-width, with sheer 200 foot drops on both sides…while someone they never met did the driving?

  Well, the answer is obviously that one is real and dangerous, while the other is real but not dangerous. On the roller coaster you can have the thrill of fear with a predictable safe outcome, rather than experiencing fear with death being a potential (if not probable) outcome. The squeals and screeches emanating from the roller coaster ride are usually articulated through gleeful smiles and feigned contortions of the face, followed with "Wheeeee!" or "Whoopee!" or "Yaaaaagh!" Whereas on the narrow mountain-road in the out of control jalopy, the screams are sincerely generated and followed with a loud tapering-off exclamation, possibly like: "!"

  Now take prevarication (lying) as another example…that's another fun and dangerous pursuit more popular with some than others, which invariably wreaks disastrous results (e.g., shame, a whack on the head, a poke in the eye, jail time, loss of respect, loss of friends, destroyed future, etc.). But have you ever secretly wondered what it might be like to have a "license to lie" ...tell big ol' fat bold-faced mendacities all day long...say, for just one day, in order to get what you want out of people, while not risking any damage to your good name or your Karma. Wouldn't it be great to have that privilege, but to know in advance that all the lies you told that day would actually turn out be the God's Honest Truth by the end of the day? Would that be cool, or what?

  Well, let's try a little experiment. Here are some of the wildest lies imaginable that one could tell in order to acquire, control, sell or lease real estate. Let's see how many of them could be made to fly (i.e., actually become the truth at the end of the day) via the use of the North American Realty Services Equity Holding Trust Transfer System™ (the NEHTrust™). And remember...none of these statements have to be true.

  As of right now, there's a day long moratorium on honesty…these assertions are simply what you might say—true or not—in order to get your way. Accept them as flat-out lies, and ask yourself..."What other baloney could I spew to get some houses"; or "If this lie were in-fact told, would it get me what I want?" Also know that your objective is to acquire that property, or the control of it at any cost…but with no cost to you. Now, remember, in this role you're also flat broke and your credit stinks.

  For The Landlord Whose Property You Would Like To Control

Mr. Landlord...I saw your 'For Rent' ad (sign), and if I can have the opportunity to buy the place from you in a few years…

  • I'll pay you more than your asking for rent
  • I'll pay all your maintenance costs during the rental agreement
  • I'll cover all your property tax expense while I rent from you
  • I'll cover all your management costs during our agreement
  • I'll eliminate all of your negative cash flow
  • I'll take 100% responsibility for the property and everything associated with it
  • I'll put in a 3rd party tenant for you, and guarantee his rent and performance 100%
  • I'll set our arrangement up so that the property and the title are shielded from bankruptcy, tax liens, creditor claims, probate, or marital dissolution legal actions on your part
  • I'll eliminate all of your negative cash flow
  • I'll put an end to all possibilities for Vacancies
  • I'll completely annihilate all landlording woes and headaches for you—forever
  • And, sure, you bet I have all the cash needed for the deal

  For the 'For Sale By Owner’

Mr. FSBO. I saw your For Sale by Owner ad (sign), and if you can stay on the loan a while longer, say for a couple years, and leave your equity in until then, I'll buy the place from you today for full value. And not only that, but...

  • I'll pay you more for the property than your asking
  • I'll even pay more for the property than it's worth
  • I'll take over all payment responsibilities without even going on title
  • I'll pay you the full value for your home, townhouse or condo and give you all cash
  • I'll pay you full price-- 1) all cash, or 2) buy for a higher price on your terms
  • I'll preserve and protect all of your existing equity
  • I'll pay all maintenance costs
  • I'll pay all property tax expense
  • I'll buy the property from you today, but let you keep half of my appreciation and principal reduction over the next 5 years
  • I'll buy your house and put you into another one with only minimal up-front cost and no credit check
  • I'll buy your house and put you into another one with no down payment
  • I'll buy your house and give you a letter than will allow you a 100 percent Debt-to-Income Ratio credit on you next mortgage loan
  • I'll arrange it so that you can stay on the loan and give me the benefits of ownership without a Due-on-Sale Clause violation
  • I'll never need to be on your title
  • I'll protect your from any liens, suit or creditor judgment that could befall me
  • We can close in a week (if the Escrow and documentation process doesn't slow me down)
  • I'll cover all back payments; clear up and re-establish your credit with your lender (re. arrearages, back taxes and penalties)
  • And, sure I have all the cash needed for the deal

  Bold-Faced Lies You Can Tell A Tenant/Buyer To Manipulate Him/Her As Well

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Tenant/Buyer...thanks for calling. Through me and my special know-how and broad range of brilliant expertise...

  • You can lease the property with a full tax write-off
  • You can buy the property without a credit application
  • You can buy the property without a new bank loan
  • You can buy the property without a down payment
  • You can put your closing costs on a credit card
  • You can be just a renter, but still participate in it's appreciation, mortgage loan principal reduction and tax write-off
  • You can own the property without great or even "good" credit
  • You can own the property, versus renting, and pay less than you would to rent it
  • You can enjoys all the benefits of homeownership without further scrimping and saving
  • You can live virtually rent-free, given reasonable appreciation over time
  • You can buy now with all benefits of homeownership now, but finance later when/if you feel like it
  • You can have 100% of the benefits of Fee Simple real estate ownership, including tax write-off, and never have to be on title (thereby protecting your home from the threat of litigation of all types)
  • And, nope, you don’t need a lot of cash for the deal, the day is done and the jig's up (a phrase, the origin of which I wonder about a lot)! All your big fat lies have to suddenly become truths now. Well, if you were planning on utilizing the Equity Holding Trust System (NEHTrust or NEHTrust)…then everything said above is in-fact all true…plain and simple!

  Go back and check it out: every one of these promises is fulfilled through the NARS Equity Holding Trust Transfer System™ every day. I'd dare anyone to try to convert ALL the above statements to truths when using any 'other' creative financing vehicle: lease, option, purchase option, wrap, contract for deed, equity share, subject-to, short-sale, etc..

  You might want to give this one a lot of thought folks.

Please check Quick Start Success Pack by Bill Gatten    

Bill Gatten, is an accomplished Real Estate Investor, Author, Lecturer and Sales Trainer. With over 40 years experience in banking, equipment financing and leasing, and real estate investing, Bill is considered among the top Creative Real Estate trainers in the U.S. today. His book, No Down! No New Loan! is now in its second printing. A new book for investors is due out in 2002: 'Making it BIG in Creative Real Estate...for the Cash, Credit, Income and Experience Challenged.'
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