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The Motivated Seller Magnet
- Automatic Lead Generating System

by Ben Innes-Ker
How To Create A Continuous Stream Of Motivated Sellers Calling You Every Day!
If You Burn Out With The Stress Of Trying To Find Motivated Sellers, Then This Is The Breakthrough Marketing System That Gets Sellers To Call That You Have Been Looking For!
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Article by Ben Innes-Ker

Is Your Real Estate Investing Comfort Zone Being Threatened?

  Have you ever imagined yourself putting through a multi-million dollar deal, going to closing and picking up a check with six zeros?

  It's the ultimate dream for real estate investors. But why must it be a dream when it can just as easily be a reality.

  Every day there are real estate investors making offers on high end houses just as there are real estate investors making offers on median price range houses and below. There are just a lot fewer going after the big game.


  1. High dollar houses naturally instill fear in real estate investors as they feel if they make a mistake they will be sued for hundreds of thousands

  2. Real estate investors perceive they need perfect credit, a high net worth and millions of dollars already to buy million dollar houses, so they exclude themselves as buyers and don't pursue high end deals

  3. Most real estate investors feel they don't deserve to buy a million dollar house or to be talking with the people that own them. They have a self image that equates themselves with lower price range houses and the people that own them, so those are the houses they pursue.

  All of these reasons are fear in one form or another, and none of them are real.

  The beings that own high end houses are people, and they get divorced, lose their jobs, go out of business, make stupid mistakes, have bad financial management, and do all of the things that result in financial distress and necessitate a quick sale.

  The high dollar properties they own are real estate, just like the two bedroom one bath house in the median price range neighborhood, It can be put under contract, optioned, or creatively financed just like any other house in any other price range.

  But real estate investors avoid them, and in doing so, prevent their most heartfelt dreams from coming true.

  The key point all real estate entrepreneurs and investors must understand is that owners of high end houses who are experiencing problems need the solutions that well trained investors can provide.

  And as with all real estate deals, when done properly, everybody wins. The seller gets the house sold and some cash to move, the bank gets their loans paid off, the new buyer gets a house they love, and the investor makes a profit.

  A six (or seven) figure profit!

  Going after high end houses is a choice. Real estate investors can attract these million dollar deals to them by setting up marketing systems that target high end houses only, and leave the lower price ranges alone. By making high end homeowners the only people you contact with your marketing, high end homeowners are the only ones that call in response.

  And when real estate investors have a steady stream of motivated sellers with high end houses calling them every day, their desks begin to fill up with million dollar deals.

  Just like a hunter going after big game, the real estate investor who sets their marketing sights on high end deals, and persists, the moment arrives when their real estate investing dreams come true.

Ben Innes-Ker is a full-time real estate entrepreneur, best-selling author, and real estate investing warrior. He has developed the "Foreclosure Investing Letter" to help real estate entrepreneurs and investors do more deals with less effort and increase profits. To learn more about this powerful step-by-step program and receive your free 5 part mini-course, go to

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