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M O R E    R E S O U R C E S

Article  by  John  "Cash"  Locke

Finding Motivated Sellers & Buyers At The Airport

  If you are thinking about moving to Las Vegas bring 'cash' (not me I am already here) keeps our town green.

  Las Vegas maybe the greatest Creative Real Estate market known in the entire creative investing kingdom 5,000 people go out every month 5,000 people come in every month.

  Those house owners that roll the dice, or pull the handles sometimes get in trouble, or what I refer to as 'motivated sellers'.

  On the other hand those that do win, have the 'Cash' to purchase homes or are 'motivate buyers'.

  When I first left the Marine Corps my first job while waiting for an Engineering Position with Central Telephone Company now called Sprint was as a 'gas jockey' at Ted Wein's Texaco Station at the corner of Las Vegas Blvd and Oakey.

  This is where I first learned about 'motivated sellers. I worked the graveyard shift pumping gas. The visitors were mainly from Los Angeles, when they were not so lucky they needed a tank of gas to return home to tell their stories about how much they won (LOL) to their friends and neighbors. This is what keep's them coming back folk's.

  The conversation went something like this "would you be interested in my watch, spare tire, diamond ring etc. in trade for a tank of gas to get home" 'motivated seller'. Being the creative investor that I am I would take their merchandise in trade for a tank of gas to get them home, then in turn find a 'motivated buyer' in the next car that pulled in who was lucky and got luckier with the deal I offered him.

  If anyone puts their investing knowledge to work for them in Las Vegas, it is the place to be for Creative Real Estate Investing.

  If I can help answer a few questions about Las Vegas, you can find me at many of the Casino's looking for those 'Subject To motivated sellers and motivated buyers'.

  If you do not move here, I bet your city has these people also, just check the flights returning from Las Vegas.

    Good Investing,

     John "Cash" Locke

Hi, my name is John 'Cash' Locke and for over 8 years I have been quietly buying and selling houses for fun and big profits. Now you can use the Same Magical Words I Used to Buy Over 500 Houses And Start Building Your Real Estate Empire Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!
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