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M O R E    R E S O U R C E S

Big Bucks Bird-Dogging
by John "Cash" Locke

Article  by  John  "Cash"  Locke
Advanced Subject To Real Estate Investing

  It is often said that Real Estate is the basis of all wealth. To be a successful private investor has been the dream of many people over the years.

  We see the infomercials on television showing big yachts, beautiful homes, sometimes even a private jet and always smiling people toasting each other with a glass of wine.

  Who wouldn't want to be part of the 'financially secure'?

  So...why have so many of us failed?

  You might have bought one course or many more. You obviously have been on the Internet and watched the many posts on various message boards. You have read the dilemmas of the confused.

  Are you one of the many dreamers that have fallen into 'information overload', where you have been given more information and directions than you can possible decipher?

  Most people that have a desire to be private Real Estate Investors have no time to read through junk. They are the people that prefer to work for themselves than for others. They would rather work at home; control their own fate as well as their own income without following set rules.

  Why would you want to make up back payments to cut down on your profit potential or spend time dealing with lenders when you could be out doing more deals. When you learn how to contact these sellers before they fall behind in payments and use existing financing already in place without using your credit or money then you are ahead of the game in investing.

  Subject To investing is where the financing stays in place and you take title to the property. This investing method has many benefits for instance: no credit check on your part, no new loan to purchase the property and you use the existing financing to sell the property.

  You help someone that needs out of their house and are able to sell to someone that needs a house, but maybe their credit isn't quite up to par. You will help your buyer re-establish their credit so when the time comes to re-finance they, in most instances, are able to.

  Subject To investors have 3 great profit centers:

  The down payment you receive on the property.

  You receive passive monthly income by charging a few points over the existing mortgage loan interest rate.

  Also, what you have we call the back end of the deal or the amount the property appreciates in two years when your buyer re-finances, which is usually about 5% - 10% per year.

  If you do just 10 Subject To deals per year your profit potential on the average is §250,000.00 per year.

  There are two little words that separate success from failure in everything we do in life. AMBITION & DESIRE!

  All the knowledge and training you can possibly receive means absolutely nothing unless you have the ambition and desire to be successful and apply your knowledge.

    Good Investing,

     John "Cash" Locke

Hi, my name is John 'Cash' Locke and for over 8 years I have been quietly buying and selling houses for fun and big profits. Now you can use the Same Magical Words I Used to Buy Over 500 Houses And Start Building Your Real Estate Empire Faster Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!
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