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M O R E    R E S O U R C E S

Article by Kevin B. Smith

Get your name out there First!

  Have you ever gone somewhere, and gone into a store and over heard someone talking really good about you or your company? I have. What a feeling that is to hear someone talking about your company that you built.

  Shortly after I started my company I had gone out with my wife and in-laws to the mall in my area. My father in-law and I went our way and my wife and mother in-law went theirs. We didn't want to do the girly things. Shortly after we split up my father in-law and I went into the elevator to go to the first floor (we were on the second). There were two other people on there with us when one of them started talking to the other about how this one company called RJK Unlimited, Inc. helped one of there friends get out of a tough situation with their house.

  I remember the people she was talking about. It was my first deal. The owners had a new house and were having trouble selling their first house. It was a condo in the best area of town. I contacted them and told them that we bought houses with Lease Purchasing. They were so thrilled that they would not have to make any payments on there house anymore they signed the papers the very next day.

  The feeling that I got when I heard the two people talking about our company was so great that I nearly teared up. I'm not joking! Later that day (still in the mall) we ran into the same people again. This time I told them who I was and they were so delighted to meet me and talk with us that they said they would spread our name all through out the city.

  I told myself I wouldn't hold my breath. One week later my phone kept ringing with people wanting to sell me their houses. And people calling to buy houses from me. I had people even calling me from as far as Texas, and I live in Alabama. I was even getting E-mails from tons of people. I didn't know what was going on.

  Then I remembered those people in the elevator. Just by helping someone we had created the best form of advertising... word of mouth. When you are in business, no matter what kind of business, remember that word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising.

  If you want to make it big in the investing world you need people to think of you or your company first when they want to sell their house not a Realtor. Marketing will do that for you. I'm no marketing specialist but I know how to make people think of me first.

  A lot of investors skip this part because it costs to much money to do it. They think there only way of advertising is putting a "WE BUY HOUSES" ad in the paper. Am I right? I like to spend around $1500 - $2000 a month advertising. But just think, if I only do one deal a month from that advertising and make $5000 - $10,000 on one deal, isn't it worth it? The point I'm trying to make is get your self know out there in your community.

  Go to church and talk to people there. Go help out the needy. I'm telling you, if you are known in your city as someone who likes helping people. You wont have to worry about business anymore, it will just come.

Kevin B. Smith is an author and investor form Birmingham Alabama who specialize in Lease Purchasing. He started a company with his wife Rebecca called RJK Unlimited, Inc. They are a very unique property management company that helps homeowners get out of bad situations with their house, and help other people have a house they can call their own. For more information on RJK Unlimited, Inc. go to

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