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M O R E    R E S O U R C E S

Article by Mark Walters
Would You Like To Be The Only Source For Quotes On Paper Investments

  Would You Like To Be The Only Source For Quotes On Paper Investments? Hereís The Answer!

  Enter the highly lucrative world of judgment investing! This truly is an untapped field. Wouldnít you like to be the only player in the game people can turn to sell paper? Of course you would. I felt the same way. Letís face it, thereís a ton of competition in the discounted mortgage arena. How many people have given a prospect quotes by the time they get to you? Or how many people will the prospect contact after you? You know the answer to this. Youíll be thrilled when you make a quote to a judgment creditor and realize youíre the only person in your area providing such a service. And do you know what that means? Lower bargain prices for you which adds up to huge yields and big money! Find out for yourself just how virgin this opportunity is. Simply look in your local newspaper and look in the classified section where you see "We Buy Mortgages". Do you see any ads that say "We Buy Judgments"? Youíll probably see very few if any. How exciting is that to your eyes, not to mention your bank account?

  Do You Realize That You Can Purchase Collectable Judgments From 5 to 10 Cents On The Dollar?

  Does this sound too good to be true to you? Well, we thought that too when we first started doing this. In the beginning, we started offering prices of 25% of the judgments face value. We soon learned something very valuable though. Most judgment holders had given up trying to collect long before our contact with them. To them, the judgment was worthless. We gradually lowered our offers to the 5%-10% range. How can this be youíre wondering? Hereís the reason. The judgment holder, letís call her Jane, originally went to court because someone, letís call him Jake, owed her money. Jane went through all the steps to get her case heard by a judge. Finally, the judge agreed that Jane was owed the money by Jake and awarded her a piece of paper called a judgment. To Janes dismay, it was now up to her to go collect the money stated on the judgment. She thought the court would some how take care of that for her. Jane felt like she was back where she started. As time went by, Jane chalked it up to experience and gave up. Time passes, sometimes years. Then Jane is contacted by us. To Jane this is like found money. Sheís happy with our offer because she stopped trying to get money out of this judgment long ago. This is a very common scenario. And fortunately for us, people are awarded judgments in courts across the country by the thousands everyday.

  Judgments Begin Accruing Interest The Day Theyíre Handed Down!

  Just when you thought it couldnít get any better, it gets a whole lot better! You see, judgments begin accruing interest the day they come into existence. What does this mean to you? Well, let me just say that the amount of interest which starts growing is different in different states. In California the interest rate on judgments is 10%. Some states are a little more, some a little less. For simplicity sake, letís use 10% as an example. Letís say you discovered a judgment that has a face value of $1,500. Letís also say that this judgment was handed down in court by a judge 5 years ago. This is a very common scenario by the way. Considering the face value is $1,500, all you need to do to determine the interest accrued is figure out what 10% of $1,500 is. The answer is $150. Now all you do is multiply $150 by the amount of years this judgment has been in existence. So we multiply $150 by 5 years. The answer is $750. So, the total value of this judgment is $1,500 plus $750 which adds up to $2,250. Most people who have a judgment donít realize that over time their judgment is actually growing. With that in mind, your offer is based on the face value of the judgment only, not the amount including interest. This technique greatly increases your yield.

  3 and 4 Digit Yields Are In Your Future!

  Letís crank this up a notch shall we? In the real world, if you were to find a $1,500 judgment that youíve done all the appropriate screening on, and youíve decided it meets the criteria that we lay out for you, you would make an offer anywhere from $75-$150. Letís also say this judgment was like our example above and was 5 years old. You would be purchasing paper valued at $2,250 for between $75 & $150! Plug those numbers into your favorite calculator and try not to faint when you see the results. Are you beginning to get the big picture? Now while youíre trying not to faint, please remember this: Thereís very little competition. In most cases, NO COMPETITION!

  "We Buy Judgments" Goes Perfectly With "We Buy Mortgages"

  There are many ways to go about getting the word out that you invest in judgments. At the very least, itís a great addition to the efforts youíre already making in your mortgage investing businessí marketing. When you state that you provide additional services, youíre adding value and credibility to your business. Your marketing will display the perception of professionalism and expertise. Your prospects will think of you as a full service operation. One in which they can put their faith and trust. Another benefit of combining the fact that you invest in judgments with marketing you have in place now is that it doesnít cost you any more money! Youíre adding to your message that you also purchase judgments in case your prospect should ever need that service.

  Here Are The Secrets You Will Need To Know To Profit With Judgments

  First of all thereís a terrific book that weíve put together which is packed with the nuts and bolts that spells out exactly how to profit by investing in judgments. We have compiled this information based on our experience of doing it. Like anything that is new, mistakes are inevitably made. Thatís just part of the learning process. The good news for you is, we made the mistakes and found out how to correct them so you donít have to. If youíre like we were, youíre probably wondering how can one get blood out of a turnip? The answer is easy, donít buy judgments that are debts against turnips! Iím being serious. Thereís no denying that many judgments out there will never be paid because the money is owed by deadbeats who never have and never will pay their debts. This we already know. We donít deal with judgments in that situation. We deal with judgments whose debt is owed by people who have something in life. A house, business, assets etc. Those are the judgments to look for. We show you how to go about finding this information in an efficient manner. There are pot holes out there in this business unless one knows what to look for. But, once that knowledge is obtained, this system becomes simple and routine.

  Four Steps To Huge Profits In Judgments

  In our profit packed book you will find four sections that will jump start your judgment investing business and put knowledge under your belt so you can begin reaping the benefits today.

  Section #1 How To Find Judgments

  We realize that different investors have different schedules. Some have time during the day and others work full time jobs and invest in their spare time. Our book highlights many different methods to go about finding judgments which are all streamlined to fit ones schedule. Thatís very important. There are some investment opportunities out there that demand 100% of ones day to succeed. This virgin field lends itself perfectly to the flexibility your schedule demands. Surely, as in anything, the more time put in, the more potential for results. But it is not necessary to spend every waking hour to profit greatly with this information. Just the same, we have devised several methods which correspond with ones available time. You will find these methods to be very efficient. We too donít want to waste time. So when we were creating these systems we wanted the highest results from the time spent. So youíll be able to pick which method will best suit your situation. If you find that you want to devote more of your efforts to this because youíre excited with your results, you can switch over to the method we created to multiply your profits. The choice is truly yours.

  Section #2 How To Screen Judgments

  Knowing which judgments to avoid is worth the price of this book many times over. In the beginning we did not know what to avoid. Of course there are the obvious debtors who are easy to realize will never pay. You can determine this very quickly by looking in the file. But there are some situations that unless you know what youíre looking for, you will get taken. The good thing for you is, weíve been down those roads. We made the mistakes in the beginning so you wonít have to which would otherwise cost you far more than this material. What we learned from these efforts and experiences is invaluable. You will learn exactly what to look for in a profitable and collectable judgment. You will also learn what to avoid. Certainly there are people out there that would love to sell you their judgment which will never be collected. You need to know what to look for so you can determine the difference between a collectable and uncollectible judgment. Once you know, it will be so easy for you to determine what has a chance and what does not. Thatís important. Otherwise you waste a lot of time researching judgments that have no chance of profit for you. Our system streamlines your efforts so youíll know in minutes whether or not it is a judgment you may be interested in.

  Section #3 How To Buy Judgments

  Included in our book youíll find forms and documents all ready for you to use. True, in some states forms may have a different name or may look a little different. But, the judicial system is pretty standard in this area across the country. Just the same, we have included statute numbers to the states where you can find out information on what is acceptable in your location. The people who have invested in this book all across the country have never had a problem with this. As far as how we go about making offers and purchasing judgments, we handle it through the mail. We have all the material you will need in this regard ready for you to begin using today. We highlight exactly how to go about it so that people are calling you to sell their judgment. With our materials, it really is not only a simple process, but a well proven one as well. We have the offer letter all ready to go. Once youíve been contacted by the judgment holder, you will use our other forms to buy the judgment properly and legally.

  Section #4 How To Collect Judgments

  Collecting judgments is not the same as being a bounty hunter so throw that image out of your mind right now. First of all, we are all entitled legally to the same collection methods as everyone else. What makes our system so valuable is the methodic, business like manner in which we go about this. This too is done through the mail to begin with. We have all the letters available to you and all you have to do is put the proper names in. Thereís a systematic way of going about this and we highlight all these avenues. We begin by sending a letter letting people know in a professional manner that this is our business and that we want to help them clear this from their record. At that point they realize weíre not threatening nor are we going to let it go any longer. From there we will show you exactly what to do to collect your judgment. Please remember, weíve screened the judgments and are only interested in ones where people have something. That also means they have something to lose and are more willing to cooperate. Many people ask us how long it takes to collect a judgment. The answer is simple. It varies. Iíve had some people pay me after the first letter. Others arenít as willing right away. But once they realize we are not going away, the situation becomes a nuisance to them. This is a business. We act responsibly and professionally. We let these people notice that. As time goes by, we try to help them solve this problem. We also bring to their attention how interest is accruing, and by each day they delay, they are losing more money. That interest works both ways donít forget. For every day they donít pay you, they will have to pay you more money. And for every day they delay, youíll be adding more profit to your portfolio.

  Yes You Really Can Earn 100% On Your Money

  One of the many exciting aspects of this opportunity is the return you will make on your investment. Please remember, you will be acquiring these judgments for a terrific price. Letís just say that you purchased a judgment with a face value of $1,500 for 10 cents on the dollar. That means you acquired it for $150. If you live in a state where the interest generated on judgments is 10 %, then the annual interest accrued on a $1,500 judgment is $150. So as you can simply see, youíll be making 100% on your money. Your yield can be much higher than that depending on the length of time before you are paid. Those are some very exciting numbers. The best part about it is, they are realistic numbers. Hey, Iíve done it and you can too. The judgment holders are pleased to be getting something for their piece of paper, so theyíre happy as well. It really is a win-win scenario.

  To Recap, You Have Very Little If Any Competition

  There is quite likely no one in your area that is doing this. That means if people want to sell their judgment, they have to deal with you and your price. Until the judgment holder received your offer, they had no idea they could even sell their judgment. To them, you are the source. Youíre the one person who can help them turn this judgment into some kind of cash result. Also, itís like a minor victory for them to have you purchase their judgment because then they can finally say they got some of their hard earned money back. They appreciate your service and value the opportunity you are providing for them.

  You Will Only Purchase Collectable Judgments

  We will show you how to find judgments that are held by people who have the means to pay. You donít want to waste your time with judgments held by deadbeats. Itís vital that you know how to efficiently determine the difference in a short amount of time.

  Your Offer Is The Only One In Town. So You Get To Purchase Judgments For Pennies On The Dollar!

  When these judgment holders receive your offer, they have a restored hope that finally they are going to get something out of this judgment. To them, you are the answer to this dilemma. Once they realize you are willing to give them some cash, and they are motivated in receiving that cash, they will be more than cooperative so that they may receive your offer.

  Turbo Charge The Returns Youíre Making On Your Money. Weíre Talking Triple Digit Yields!

  Letís face it, when youíre paying pennies on the dollar, you multiply the returns your money makes for you. In affect, youíre making your money work harder because youíre working smarter. You can customize the offers you make so that the interest you receive generates a 100% return for you. These are real world numbers weíre talking about, not hype.

  You Donít Have To Spend Any More Money Than You Already Are In Marketing And Still Profit!

  We all have some kind of marketing plan. Our business card, brochures, mail solicitations, etc. If you do nothing more than add this very valuable service to your list of expertise, youíre opening your business to more potential profits. Plus, your clients and prospects will perceive you as being a competent and credible source for their needs because you offer more services than the average mortgage investor. In the highly competitive market place for discounted mortgages, to have a slight edge over the competition separates the big winners from the dreamers. Adding the service of investing in judgments can give you that edge.

Author of Best Selling book "The Complete Guide to Judgment Investing" Mark Walters,

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