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Texas Houses for Pennies:  Unlock the New Secrets! by Darius M. Barazandeh
Texas Houses for Pennies II:
Unlock the New Secrets!

by Darius M. Barazandeh,
Attorney at Law

Making Money
with Short Sales

The Complete Guide
to Acquiring Property
by D.C. Fowler

Real  Estate  Articles

   Matthew Allen
   Joel Alvarez
   Chris Anderson
   Michelle Annese
   Dan Auito
   Darius M. Barazandeh
   Steven Battle
   John Behle
   Jeff Beaubien
   Matt Bowman
   William Bronchick
   Terry Bryan
   Alan Brymer
   Terry Burchett
   Gregory Caruso
   Matthew Chan
   Charter Financial
    Ray Como

Asset Protection and Legal
Multiple Corporations Work
Me, Lawsuit Crazed?
Pro Se Plaintiff
Why and How To Buy Judgment-Proofed Real Estate
The Judgment-Proofing of J.F. Calina
Avoid Fraudulent Conveyances
Form New Nevada Corporations Just For Your Fanciest, Riskiest Deals
Warbucks/Red, a Nutshell
Lawsuits Demystified
Entrepreneurship Strategies
20 Strategies That Could Change Your Life!
12 Straddling Strategies For December Each Year
Eight Year Old Boy To Retire With 8,403,388 In Cash!
50 Strategies and Very Profitable Ways To Boost Your Bottom Line Profit
Intellectual Property and Proprietary Assets
Start Your Publishing Empire In Nevada Then - License Your Intangible Assets
Real Estate/Transaction Engineering
Como's Rules of Acquisition
$14,300 Profit In Eleven Days!
14 Units: No Money Down
0% Interest + Mortgages Moves Equals FAST CASH
Pure Options: Your Investment of Choice
Use Options To Judgement-Proof Your Real Estate
Selling the Deal by Selling the Stock
Transaction Engineering Is the Distribution of Benefits
Another Warbucks Nevada, Inc./Red, Inc. Strategy...
Sales and Marketing
Build the World's Most Successful Sales Organization
Forging Your Sales and Marketing Mix
   Peter Conti
   Steve Cook
   Brandon Cornett
   Roger Dawson
   Chuck and Sue DeFiore
    Don DeRosa
   Claude W. Diamond
   Jason Dillard
   Colm Dillon
   Bernadette Doyle
   Brandy Eismon
   Bryan Ellis
   R. L. Fielding
   Jim Evans
   David Finkel
   Jeanette Joy Fisher
   Sean Flanagan
   Shannyn Flory
   Robert Flournoy
   Bruce W. Ford
   Alan Forsyth
    D.C. Fowler
   James A. Gage
   Bill J. Gatten
   Steve Gillman
   The Girls
   Larry Goins
   Ki Gray
   Nick Graziano
   Barry J Grimes
   Alex Gurevich
   Brian Habel
   Adem Hamidovic
   Roselind Hejl
   Dennis Henson
    Ben Innes-Ker
   James John
   Rick Kirschbrown
   Don Konipol
   Mark Lambie
   Mike Lautensack
   Ron LeGrand
   David Lindahl
   Ed Lisogar
   John "Cash" Locke
   Cary Losson
   Martin Lukac
   Steve Majors
   Eileen McDargh
   Jim Mitchell
   Barret Niehus
   John Nuzzolese
   Brendan O'Brien
   Richard Odessey
   Kevin OHara
   Jason Van Orden
   Brandon Osborn
   Bob Pappas
   Kim & Charles Petty
   Derek Pierce
   Doug Pretorius
   Tim Randle
   Marc Rasmussen
   Scott Rister
   Noelani Rodriguez
   Dolf de Roos
   Douglas Rutherford
   Lori Samson
   Marco Santarelli
   Michael Setz
   Carleton Sheets
   Chuck Smith
   Dane Smith
   Kevin B. Smith
   Theresa Souers
   Nancy Spivey
   Anesia Springborn
   Tessa Stowe
   Paula Straub
   Rick Stusek
   Garrett Sutton
   Neil Terc
   William Tingle
   Ross Treakle
   Sal Vannutini
   Elaine Voncannon
   Mark Walter
   Mark Walters
   Russell Ward
   David Whisnant
   Rhiannon Williamson
   Bryan Wittenmyer

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