Sub2 & Lease/Options

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Cash Flow Institute has combined these two techniques into  one knockout course that explains "subject to" and lease-option tactics in detail. Sub2 & Lease/Options - The Investor's 1-2 Punch teaches how you almost always want to first try to buy a property "subject to" the existing financing, while at the same time getting the Deed.

NO CREDIT CHECKS - These real estate buying techniques work for anyone, because you will never have to try and qualify for a mortgage loan.  That means that if you have lousy credit... who cares!  With no loans to qualify for there will be no credit checks.
NO MONEY DOWN - Using these tactics you can often do "no money down deals".  Just follow the lead of other smart investors and deal only with very motivated sellers.  They seldom ask for immediate cash.  They just want to get out from under those monthly mortgage payments. I'm sure you've known people who have felt that way.

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