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Attorney's Secrets to Investing in Tax Lien Certificates

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This course is different not only because it contains straightforward legal and economic analysis, but because it uses simple and well-established learning methods to help you learn the material quickly and with a greater rate rate of retention.

My name is Darius M. Barazandeh, I am a licensed attorney and real estate investor. I have designed the Attorney's Guide: To Investing in Tax Lien Certificates to teach you how to safely invest in tax lien certificates.

Investing in tax lien certificates can be done with part-time effort.  You can purchase liens even if they are not sold by your home state.  As an out-of-state investor you will need to follow the additional due diligence techniques described in Chapter 5 of the course, titled:  Long Distance Investing.   I will show you how to make this work.

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