The Wealth Management System

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How To Borrow The 'Untouchable' Money In Your Lender's Retirement Plans. The The Wealth Management System gives you the intelligence of a professional. It’s the first and only system of its kind and it gives you the power to manage private money with the competence of a skilled real estate professional.

Using my strategies you’ll learn to: Work with Custodians (i.e. Third Party Administrators) who function as intermediaries between you and your lenders. Which Custodian to use and know the different options they offer.  I break down their departments and tell you which department will help you with which items.
?Set up a Custodian account for new lenders. Borrow additional IRA money from a lender who already has a Custodian account with you. Handle paperwork correctly when using IRA money - so you never upset your lenders. Screwing this up can wreck your reputation. Crucial instructions to give your lenders.

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